Services We Provide

Bathing all Breeds and Sizes
• Mantra Paws has a custom designed dog wash for extra large dogs or dogs with limited mobility
• Specialty bathing treatments for pets with problematic skin (dermatitis, itching, dryness/flaking, sensitive), soothing oatmeal bath, skin calming bath, even de-skunking
• All pets are hand dried or fluffed- NO CAGE DRYING
• All bathing services include complimentary ear care and nail trim
• Specialty Bathing - Flea treatments

Clipping & Cutting Services for all Breeds and Cats
• Breed specific trimming/clipping and complimentary sanitary trim
• State of the art grooming equipment
• Hydraulic lift table for large dogs or dogs with mobility limitations
• De-matting service

Nail Trimming & Nail Capping Service
• Nail Trim service includes complimentary ear care
• Nail grinding service- helps keep nails shorter for longer period & keeps nails from snagging
• Nail Capping- rubber caps are adhered to each nail to prevent scratching of wood surfaces or damage to furniture from sharp nails

Pricing for services are dependant on the breed, size, condition of the coat, and extra time that may be required to provide the best groom possible. Please call us for pricing and if possible, stop by for a visit to the grooming salon.